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Open House Information

The Open House is an invitation to the public, to come out to the Sunridge observatory.  An Open House will be filled with information about astronomy and the astronomy club.  If there is any special astronomical event taking place, the night will focus on that event.  There will be telescopes setup to view various celestial items such Binary stars, Nebula's or planets. All viewing depends on the weather.

Directions to Sunridge Observatory from Medicine Hat:
Head south west on the Highway 3 towards Lethbridge.
Note odometer reading when passing airport entrance.
After 17Km, turn north on Range Road 72.
Continue for 1Km to Sunridge Observatory.

Map to Sunridge Observatory

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We will be running presentations during the Open House. Presentation content will be scheduled later in the year. At present, the presentation will be general in nature. Presentation start time will be at 20:00 (8pm)

Open House nights are open to all ages.

Sunridge Observatory will be open from 19:30 (7:30pm) until 22:00 (sometimes later).

Please note that younger children might be bored while waiting for darkness.

As it is necessary to have little or no light when star gazing, it will be dark most of the time while actually observing.

As the telescopes are designed for adults, it might be necessary to lift and hold younger children that wish to look through a telescope.  We do have some stools but they might not be tall enough.

Also, we are away from the city. This allows the nights to get colder. Please dress for the weather as necessary. It is not pleasant to stand outside when it is cold and heat can affect the ability to view fainter objects.

For the latest information on open houses, please download the Astronomy Club Calendar - Updated 2014-04-18

When the temperature is below -20 degrees, including windchill, the visitors night will be cancelled. This is for health and safety concerns.
A lot of time in astronomy is standing looking through a telescope in the outdoors. Even in the telescope dome, the temperature is the same as outside.

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