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Information for members and those that are interested in becoming members.

Club business meetings are held the first Friday of each month. During daylight savings time, the meetings start at 8:00pm. During standard time, they start at 7:30pm.

Members Nights are usually on the Friday closest to the New Moon. This night is a time for members to discuss various subjects related to astronomy, astrophysics and any other topic that is of interest to the members. We will look at special objects or work on club projects.

In the past, members have watched astronomy or space related videos and followed with discussions. As observing is one of the options of Members Nights, there are no Members Nights during the summer months due to the late sunset.

Open House nights are held on the second Saturday of every month, weather permitting. In the summer months, the best observation times are after 22:30. In winter months, the nights can get cold but the cold air makes observing better as the sky is clearer.

Members are expected to assist at open houses from time to time. There also be other projects that members can assist with in the operation of the club. Volunteering for Visitor Nights are a good way to learn more about astronomy.

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If you are interested in becoming a member, please download and fill out a membership application and come out to a Business Meeting or Open House.
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